25 Aug End of a successful scholarship

The 20th of August was the end of a successful trainee camp in the heart of Sicily, Sciacca. During this project I had the opportunity to explore and experiment with the art of majolica.
This technique was used back in the 15th century, and still today in Sciacca streets are filled with craftsmen who create hundreds of decorated plates and ceramics every day.

In this trainee camp, my tutor was Eugenio Sclafani and his son Giuzeppe who are both well known in Sciacca. In a small workshop which was surrounded by white glazed plates and bowls, I had a small bench on which I had the opportunity to express myself in a vast way. I had time to constructand create about six sculptures and fifteen small plates which were aimed to be decorative in a Sicilian style. I also had the opportunity to visit almost all of the ceramic artists in their studios who worked hard in their artistic production. A discussion about the tourism factor regarding the tourist and the Sicilian crafts also took place during this magnificent month.

Another artist who was very important in this trainee camp is Cosimo Barna. This artist hails from Sciacca, but is well known in Milan due to various exhibitions that he held. I had some sessions with Cosimo at his home studio where I was suggested to express and continue developing the theme of the prawns. I particulary enjoyed expressing myself violently on paper with various media and also loved to discuss his personal art journey. These art sessions where very important for me, in which I was well criticised in a constructive way, and I am quite positive that this month which I would describe as my continuation of my personal artistic journey, will help me in my coming experiences.