09 May Stiefnu on the Radio

On the 5th of May 2009, Stiefnu was interviewed by Manuel Cassar on a prominent radio program on RTK. This program can be described as a showcase for local artists featuring Maltese cultural events and theatrical productions.

Stiefnu talked about his early works and explained his journey through art as the program developed into a dialogue where various topics where discussing including cultural events and exhibitions in Malta. He detailed on the Earth Garden, pointing out that a lot of youths are becoming attracted to this particular green festival and explained how he specifically created his eco-friendly artwork during the past two editions of this festival.

Stiefnu went on to recall his exhibitions abroad, particularly his experience in Sciacca, Italy and his art tour in the United Kingdom which gave his career a new dimension and several promising paths to follow. He concluded the interview by encouraging young artists to visit important art galleries and museums in Europe and stressed the importance of such experiences, which allow youths to truly appreciate and understand what other important artists did before and how their works influence modern artists nowadays.

Article by karl Gambin
Program “Mill-Platea”
Interviewed by Emanuel Cassar