23 Apr Decapoda

The Sculpture

“Decapoda” is this year’s sculpture by Stiefnu for the 4th edition of the Earth Garden festival. In this year’s edition Stiefnu is representing a 7ft high mixed media sculpture inspired from the Decapods, (literally meaning “ten footed”) and referring to the crayfish, crabs, lobsters, prawns and shrimp.

In respect to this event, Stiefnu produced his work from recycled material by using recycled wood, cardboard and resin. This year’s theme is a development of the previous edition in a more abstract approach.

Why Red?

Red leaves an impact when seen. Red reminds me of passion, and for sure all my work is made with passion, aggression and energy. What’s art without aggression and energy? Pain, bull fighting, blood, stop signs,

etc. I think that all these connotations leave an impact on the human being and in everyday life. However in China, red means happiness and good luck.

I must conclude by thanking all the team of Earth Garden Festival for giving me this opportunity to exhibit my art with the public, Mr. Matthew Polidano for the transport of my sculpture and finally my girlfriend Stefania for helping me during the construction of this sculpture.

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