10 May Stiefnu Joins the Earth

For the Second time, Stiefnu will be exhibiting again in Earth Garden and the Eco Fest 2009. Stiefnu’€™s work will be in the Wine, Art & Jazz Area at the Festive Grove. His work consists of two Mixed media installations made out of recycled wood and cardboard. One of the exhibits is a dramatic scene of an angry sad tree which is being demolished for various global reasons of space and Capitalism. These situations are amongst us also in this tiny island of Malta.

One can see a lonely tree trying to get some attention from the human being and from today’€™s technological lifestyle which is getting worse every minute and second. Only we can make something to save our planet earth, our only home by creating effective campaigns and by taking care seriously of our mother Earth.The other Installation shows a 5.5ft Prawn built in a layered way with recycled wood and cardboard. This 3d work express the love of the Mediterranean Culture and a development of his previous works.

Stiefnu wants to thanks all the team of Earth Garden Festival for giving this opportunity to exhibit his art with the public.

Exhibition Info: 23 & 24 May Place: National Park, Ta’€™ Qali.

Time: 2pm Onwards. – Free Entrance – Art Square